5 Tips to find ammunition during the pandemic

5 Tips to find ammunition during the pandemic

If anything, the past year has shown it’s better to be prepared than to wait until the last minute. The great toilet paper rush is behind us but now we are in the throes of the great ammo shortage. With people panic buying bullets it’s getting harder and harder to find affordable ammunition. There isn’t one specific reason that can be pointed to for why there is a shortage at the moment. Some are saying it’s a lack of primers while others are pointing to the record surge of new gun owners that occurred in 2020. Whatever the reason, it’s tougher than ever to go shooting at the range. To help you out, here are 5 tips for finding ammo.

1. Find small family owned gun shops

With most retail stores selling online it’s no surprise that the shelves are bare when it comes to ammo. But one area that is often overlooked is the small family owned gun stores that don’t sell online. They are usually found off the beaten path or in small towns so you have to do your research before heading out there and if you can find a number give them a call.

2. Reload your own ammo

Waiting on ammo resupplies can get annoying. If you’re one to DIY try jumping into the exciting world of reloading your own supply of ammo. We all know that one guy at the range scrounging up spent brass and shells. During the good times (pre-2020) the practice seemed a bit strange but now we know the scroungers are the best prepared. It’s not impossible to get a reloading setup now but, of course, the costs have grown. If you’re lucky, you know someone that has the whole kit ready to go and lets you make use of it. If not, try making friends with the scrounger at your range.

3. Sign up for inventory notifications

It’s tough trying to stay ahead of the game when it comes to buying the munitions you need. Most websites, ours included, gives you the option to sign up for newsletters which notify you as soon as our comes back in stock. Of course we also keep you up to date on our promotions, sales, and giveaways so be sure to sign up now.

4. Check everywhere

Not just gun stores carry ammunition. Any hunting and fishing supply store could be a treasure trove of pristine ammunition. Even small town hardware stores carry ammo, so get creative and think outside of the box. Speaking of boxes, the big box outfitters like Bass Pro can be a good source as well. The point is, check everywhere.

5. Ask your friends in different towns or states

Networking might be your best bet if your current market is dry. If you have friends or family that can tell you what's in stock in their area, by all means get on it if you haven’t already. If not, you’re probably going to have to plan a road trip.

24th Feb 2021 Bereli

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