Meet The Haenel CR223 A.K.A. "The H&K Killer"

Meet The Haenel CR223 A.K.A. "The H&K Killer"

With only 200 of Haenel Defense’s CR 223 imported into the US, getting a hold of one of these bad boys is pretty tough. The CR 223 pistol is the civilian version of Haenel’s MK556, a gun which was slated to become the new assault rifle of the German Bundeswher. With it’s precision German engineering and its proprietary indirect gas-operated system make the CR 223 pistol a gun you would definitely want to add to your collection.

Both lightweight and highly accurate, the CR 223 is an outstanding pistol with almost no recoil felt after firing. The 10” barrel and the short stroke gas piston operating system are completely floating due to the milled forend making it a very easy pistol to handle. The hand guard is also quick release adding to the list of interesting features on the CR 223 Pistol. The price of the CR 223 Pistol is reasonably affordable when considering the high quality of materials used, proprietary tech, and craftsmanship that went into the gun.

Get yours today here at Bereli while we have it in stock:


  • Action: indirect gas operated
  • Flash hider: A2 Standard
  • Pistol grip: A2 Standard
  • Finish: Black
  • Safety: fire pin safety, ambidextrous safety lever, 90°
  • Barrel length/Twist: 10" / 254mm - 7"
  • Handguard: 2 Picatinny rails, 2 KeyMod rails, removable without tools
  • Handguard length: 205mm
  • Trigger: direct trigger with 3.200 g trigger weight
  • Caliber: .223 Rem.
2nd Mar 2021 Bereli

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