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Jacketed Hollow Point

Jacketed Hollow Point

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    Remington 9mm Ammunition Golden Sabe 147 Grain Brass Jacketed Hollow Point

    Remington 9mm Ammunition Golden Sabe 147 Grain Brass Jacketed Hollow Point


    OUR PRICE $52.76 - $337.06
    The Golden Saber High Performance Jacket successfully combines four critical elements of handgun bullet performance: match-type accuracy, deep penetration, maximum expansion and virtually 100% weight retention. This ammunition also features primer and...
    OUR PRICE $52.76 - $337.06
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    Winchester Ammo USA9JHP2 USA 9mm Luger 147 gr Jacketed Hollow Point

    Winchester Ammo USA9JHP2 USA 9mm Luger 147 gr Jacketed Hollow Point


    OUR PRICE $63.99 - $503.99
    Winchester "USA White Box" stands for consistent performance and outstanding value, offering high-quality ammunition to suit a wide range of hunter's and shooter's needs.   Brand Winchester Ammo Category Centerfire Handgun Rounds Caliber...
    OUR PRICE $63.99 - $503.99

9mm Jacketed Hollow Point

Understanding ammunition is just as vital as your gear. You need the most reliable and effective rounds at your disposal to get the most out of your weapon.

Your choice of ammunition can have a major impact on your performance. Additionally, choosing the right type of bullets ensures optimal accuracy and longevity for your gun.

At Bereli, our mission is to match shooters with the right equipment for their specific needs. Continue reading to find out if JHP ammunition is the right type of bullets for you.

What Are 9mm Jacketed Hollow Point Bullets?

9mm JHP bullets are a specialized ammunition type with distinct design characteristics and functions. The '9mm' refers to the diameter of the bullet, while 'Jacketed Hollow Point' describes its construction and purpose.

Each JHP bullet features an outer covering or 'jacket' typically made of harder metals like copper, enveloping a softer lead core. This jacket extends from the bullet's nose to its base, leaving the middle part open - the 'hollow point.' 

Upon striking a target, this hollow point causes the bullet to expand, increasing the diameter and the surface area of the wound channel, leading to higher stopping power.

What Are 9mm Jacketed Hollow Points Good For?

9mm JHPs are renowned for their remarkable effectiveness in various scenarios. Their specific design features make them a top choice for personal defense and law enforcement.

For self-defense, the quick and substantial expansion of a JHP can effectively stop an attacker. The jacketing reduces lead fouling in the barrel, increasing the bullet's speed and accuracy. That is a major advantage for both self-defense and competitive shooting.

Hunters also favor the 9mm JHP. The immediate expansion upon impact minimizes the chance of over-penetration, ensuring a quick, humane kill. 

Is Jacketed Hollow Point Better Than Hollow Point?

While both Jacketed Hollow Point and standard Hollow Point bullets have their advantages, the former often stands out due to its enhanced properties. The jacketing of the JHP bullet provides structural integrity, enhancing its reliability.

The jacket aids in retaining the bullet's shape during flight, resulting in improved accuracy. Moreover, the jacket allows for a cleaner barrel, increasing the lifespan of your firearm. 

Is Jacketed Hollow Point Better Than Full Metal Jacket?

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullets and JHPs serve different purposes. FMJs are commonly used for target shooting and training due to their lower cost and lesser barrel wear. However, they can over-penetrate, making them less ideal for self-defense.

In contrast, 9mm JHPs are considered the gold standard for self-defense because of their superior stopping power and lower risk of over-penetration. While each bullet type has its place, if you're looking for ammunition with stopping power and safety in mind, JHPs are your go-to.

Find The Best Jacketed Hollow Point Ammo At Bereli

Choosing 9mm JHP bullets guarantees reliability, effectiveness, and superior performance in a wide range of scenarios. It is most particularly suited for self-defense and hunting purposes.

At Bereli, we provide an extensive catalog of JHP ammunition to meet your unique needs. 

Finding the right ammunition for your gun doesn’t have to be complicated. You can reach out to our team today and they’ll let you know what your best option is.