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Lead Free

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    Winchester Ranger 9mm Luger 100 Grain Frangible RHTA Lead Free Winchester Ranger 9mm Luger 100 Grain Frangible RHTA Lead Free

    Winchester Ranger 9mm Luger 100 Grain Frangible RHTA Lead Free


    OUR PRICE $60.00 - $240.00
    The Winchester Brand Has Help Protect Law Enforcement officers and defend the general public since 1866. Combining innovation, comprehensive testing and proven track record of success; ranger ammunition is deigned to meet the toughest requirements set by...
    OUR PRICE $60.00 - $240.00
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    Federal American Eagle Indoor Range Training 9MM 70 Grain Lead Free Ball Ammunition

    Federal American Eagle Indoor Range Training 9MM 70 Grain Lead Free Ball Ammunition


    OUR PRICE $50.00 - $240.00
    Federal's BallistiClean is a non-toxic projectile that eliminates hazard of airborne lead and barrel fouling. Its patented Toxic-Metal Free primer provides constant and reliable ignition. The BallistiClean also features a selected clean burning powder...
    OUR PRICE $50.00 - $240.00

9mm Lead-Free Ammo

In the world of firearms and ammunition, staying informed about the latest advancements is crucial to ensuring you are prepared for any situation. One such innovation in the ammunition world is 9mm lead-free ammo. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what 9mm lead-free ammunition is, its impact on weapon performance, and whether it’s the right choice for you. Whether you’re a gun owner, hunter, or competitive shooter, we’ve got you covered.

What is 9mm Lead-Free Ammo?

Lead-free ammunition is designed to eliminate or significantly reduce the lead content commonly found in traditional bullets. This is achieved by using alternative materials like copper or frangible materials that break apart upon impact. 9mm lead-free ammo specifically refers to 9mm rounds that do not contain lead in their projectiles.

Lead-free ammunition often uses copper or zinc alloy bullets as alternatives to lead. These materials provide excellent weight retention and expansion upon impact. For example, a 9mm lead-free round might feature a solid copper hollow-point bullet designed to mushroom upon impact, delivering effective terminal ballistics without relying on lead.

Are Lead-Free Bullets Any Good?

Lead-free bullets offer several advantages. Firstly, they are environmentally friendly, as they don’t release lead into the surroundings when fired. This is particularly important for outdoor shooting ranges, where lead contamination can be a significant concern. By choosing lead-free ammo, you reduce your ecological footprint and contribute to a cleaner shooting environment.

In terms of performance, lead-free bullets often exhibit excellent accuracy and penetration capabilities. For instance, Barnes TAC-XPD 9mm ammunition is known for its lead-free solid copper bullets that provide consistent expansion and deep penetration, making it a reliable choice for self-defense purposes.

Is Lead Ammo Bad for Glocks?

Glock pistols are renowned for their durability and reliability. However, some concerns have arisen regarding the use of lead ammunition in Glocks. While occasional use of lead ammunition in Glocks is unlikely to cause significant harm, prolonged use can potentially lead to increased fouling and maintenance requirements.

For instance, if you frequently shoot lead-based 9mm ammunition through your Glock, you might notice more fouling in the barrel and the feeding ramp, which can affect the gun’s performance. To mitigate this, consider using lead-free 9mm ammo like Federal Premium Syntech Defense, which features a polymer-coated bullet designed to reduce fouling and enhance reliability, making it a suitable choice for Glock owners.

Are Lead-Free Bullets More Expensive?

The cost of lead-free ammunition can be higher than traditional lead-based options due to the use of specialized materials and manufacturing processes. However, the price difference varies depending on the country, brand, and type of ammunition you purchase.

For example, a box of 50 rounds of standard 9mm lead ammunition might cost around $10, while a similar box of lead-free 9mm ammunition, such as the Winchester Super Clean NT, could cost around $15. While there is a price premium, many shooters find it justified considering the environmental benefits and the potential for enhanced firearm longevity.

What Ammo Does Not Have Lead?

Lead-free ammunition is available in various calibers, including the popular 9mm. Common materials used in lead-free bullets include copper, zinc, and frangible materials. Brands like Barnes, Federal Premium, and Winchester offer lead-free 9mm ammunition options.

For example, Barnes VOR-TX 9mm ammunition utilizes a solid copper bullet with a deep hollow point, ensuring reliable expansion upon impact while being entirely lead-free. Federal Premium Syntech Defense features a unique polymer-coated bullet designed to reduce friction and fouling, making it an excellent lead-free choice for competitive shooters.

When shopping for lead-free ammo, look for labels such as “lead-free,” “non-toxic,” or the phrase “environmentally friendly” to ensure you’re selecting the right ammunition for your needs.

Try our 9mm Lead-Free Ammo

In the ever-evolving world of firearms and ammunition, staying informed is essential for gun owners, hunters, and competitive shooters alike. 9mm lead-free ammunition presents a compelling alternative to traditional lead-based bullets. Not only does it benefit the environment, protect it, and reduce health risks, but it also offers competitive performance.

By choosing lead-free 9mm ammo like Barnes or Federal Premium, you can enjoy the advantages of environmentally responsible shooting without compromising on accuracy or effectiveness. Remember, your choice of ammunition plays a vital role in your shooting experience, so choose wisely to maximize your readiness while being a responsible firearm enthusiast.