So what's the deal with the new Executive Orders?

So what's the deal with the new Executive Orders?

Parsing through the executive orders it’s difficult to see how anything will change as they kind of say a lot but mean nothing. First off, banning ghost guns is improbable because at what point does the billet of aluminum become a firearm. If they make you register 80% lowers why not sell 79% lowers and if they register those just make 50% and so on till they just register 0% lowers. Pretty soon they will want background checks for pretty much just blocks of metal. Then we have the model red flag legislation for states to adopt but we all know it’s only going to be those blue states that basically already have those laws. A big part of the executive action is the new classification for stabilizing arm braces which automatically make any gun attached to it a short barreled rifle requiring a more extensive process for purchasing and a $200 tax stamp.

So prior to these orders, the legal gray area loophole for having an arm brace installed on a pistol while keeping it not classified as an SBR was that while it can be used shouldered as long as it was designed to be used as an arm brace. As confusing as that seems, now even arm braces turn pistols into SBRs meaning more money and hassle to follow the law. Of course criminals could care less what the current administration pushes which is why these executive orders won’t do anything to address rising crime rates.

With these new directives, now we get to experience a whole slew of questions such as does Recover Tactical’s Glock Stabilizer kit turn your handgun into an SBR? Are all gun parts going to be serialized and registered? How is the ATF going to enforce the order when braces can be purchased separately? Lots of questions but no real answer except to buy now and get grandfathered in or wait for sanity to return to DC but don’t hold your breath for that to happen.

8th Apr 2021 Bereli

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