​Should you put a red dot on your shotgun?

​Should you put a red dot on your shotgun?

It might seem counterintuitive to put a red dot or an optic on a shotgun. I mean, normally you just point and shoot it and whatever is in the way gets blasted. It’s simple enough and the reason why shotguns have remained a popular option for hunting and personal protection for so long. But there are very good reasons to add a red dot to a shotgun and here’s why.

  1. Why not?

A lot of shotguns nowadays come with a picatinny rail so adding an optic such as a red dot takes literally no time at all. If for some reason the battery dies on you while out hunting it’s easy to just pop it off and use the bead sights. Even if your shotgun does not have a rail finding an appropriate mount is not that hard.

  1. Improving your accuracy

It’s no surprise a red dot will improve your accuracy as it will make it easier to retain your sight picture in both daylight and nighttime. Having a clear reticle will make hunting that much easier even if your form is less than ideal.

  1. Improves speed of target engagement

Having a red dot sighting system can improve confidence in inexperienced shooters and give a speed boost to those with more experience handling shotguns. Whether your busting clay pigeons or hunting migratory birds, having a red dot can make all the difference.

  1. Helps keep the focus on the target

A bright red dot is kind of hard to miss when looking through the optic resulting in fewer missed birds. By raising the sight line, it also helps keep your subsequent shots on target as shotguns tend to rise but holding your head slightly higher counteracts it a bit.

  1. They make your tactical shotgun look that much more badass

Enough said.

There are a plethora of reasons to get a red dot sight along with a wide variety to choose from here at Bereli so be sure to check out our sights section for some of the best deals available online.

10th Mar 2021 Bereli

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