​Sig Sauer Rangefinder

​Sig Sauer Rangefinder

Whether you use a rangefinder for hunting or long-range target shooting there is no question it improves your performance. Every rifle is different and having more information available to you can markedly improve your game when it comes to hunting. If you know the ballistics for your weapon at various distances, the rangefinder can help you make cleaner shots at longer distances. Of course the rangefinder won’t make deer appear but when you do find one you will be ready.

The market for rangefinders can be difficult to navigate. Should you go for the more pricey options or will a cheaper brand do the trick. The answer generally is it depends on what you’re looking to get out of it and what kind of hunter you are. The ballistics and range for bows and crossbows means you wouldn’t get a rangefinder for distances of over 600 meters. If you’re using it for long distance target practice, the quality of the optics comes in to play as you’ll be relying on a high quality zoom for accurate spotting.

If you feel like rangefinders are a luxury item that most hunters don’t need or that you already have binoculars so you don’t need to carry another set of optics you could not be more wrong. Even if you have the greatest eyes that are reliable 9 times out of 10, a rangefinder will always be a 10 out of 10. But let’s be honest, not everyone has perfect eyesight and distance judgement so having accurate readings on hand will boost any person’s chances at getting their tag or hitting their mark.

So if you’re looking to dive into purchasing a rangefinder, here at Bereli we have the best deal on the market for the Sig Sauer KILO2200BDX Laser Rangefinder at only $299.00 which is over 50% off MSRP. If you don’t take our word for it just read the reviews and take advantage of this amazing offer.

8th Mar 2021 Bereli

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