What to look for in an EDC Knife

What to look for in an EDC Knife

Carrying a knife everyday can become one of the most convenient changes to your lifestyle if you aren’t already. So many moments when you need to have a knife such as opening boxes, letters and cutting string amongst other things. If you’re looking to make this change and are overwhelmed by the choices here are some helpful tips in purchasing your EDC knife.

  1. What is your use for it

When you’re buying a knife for EDC you’re going to want to evaluate how you will be using it to meet your everyday needs. If you’re a farmer or rancher, you would probably be looking at a larger fixed blade in a sheath for cutting thick rope but if you’re an office worker that just needs it to be quick when you need to open boxes or letters then a smaller quick draw blade would be the ideal. This brings us to point number two.

  1. The deployment method

The way in which the blade is deployed is a major point in choosing your EDC knife. But this factor is really all about personal preference. Fixed blades are usually sturdier than foldables but they are bulky and the goal is to have something you can carry everyday. If it’s going to be in your pocket you would want one that isn’t too thick.

  1. The legality in your area

If you live in urban areas, the general rule is for the blade to be under 2.5 inches and you should be fine for everyday carry. Most places the blade length for edc is around 3.5 inches but that's something to research before carrying a knife. Remember, this knife is going to be used and abused for everyday things so a small blade is ideal and you can always get a larger knife when the need comes up.

  1. Budget and quality of steel

If you honestly evaluate your everyday needs for a knife then generally speaking the budget aspect would be the biggest part of it. If a $5 knife fulfills your everyday needs then by all means get it. With constant usage, the quality of steel on the blade is also important as you’d want to just purchase it and not have to think about it for a while. The main point is don’t break the budget for a blade that you won’t want to get dirty and dinged.

Here some examples of name brand EDC knives that we carry here at


This handy foldable knife comes in for $20.49 and the quality and grip make using it a breeze. It’s got a lightning quick and smooth method of deployment using the Vallotton assist.


If you’re looking for something that takes pocket sized to the next level then the Cold Steel Recon 1 blade should be right up your alley. Small enough to fit on a keychain yet that doesn’t stop it from being a useful knife handy for everyday office use. With the 2 inch blade you can rest assured it is legal to carry everywhere.


The Trident Elite is one of the more popular EDC knives as it comes from a brand known for quality and performance. With plenty of features such as seatbelt cutter and window breaker, the SOG Trident Elite is a standard amongst emergency personnel and many others.


With an aluminum handle and high-performance steel blade, this Kershaw folding knife is a perfect edc. Sharp, comfortable and scratch resistant, this blade will find a good place in your everyday life. 

23rd Mar 2021 Bereli

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