LazerBrite Military Tactical Flashlight Kit -Red & Green LED-Removable Heads

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 LazerBrite� Military Tactical Flashlight Light System Kit - Red & Green LED -  Dual Removable Heads

This contains the Lazerbrite Single Mode tactical flashlight. Coming in red and green colors, it is lightweight, has two modular lighting heads, and includes batteries already loaded. It is also a waterproof flashlight and is an essential part of any camping list. This particular tactical flashlight kit also has extra batteries and a short tube if needed.

This particular kit also includes a long and short glow dome. These can be used with the modular heads to create an LED lantern. This aspect of the light serves multiple purposes, and can be used as a camping lantern to cook with, read, or see around the campsite. It can also be used for biking gear as marker lights.

In addition to those uses, the kit comes with a threaded loop and a helix attachment loop, which can be used to tie the modular heads to multiple objects. Simply screw the threaded loop into the bottom of the tactical flashlight head, and use the helix attachment loop to tie the head to a hiking stick, bike handlebars, and more. These attachments make the Lazerbrite one of the best pieces of hike or bike accessories available.


  • Lightweight | 4.6 oz / 130 g
  • Long lasting | 300 hours of bright usable light
  • Can operate for days on one set of batteries
  • Over 1,500 10 minute signals in one package
  • Reduce your load | Replaces multiple chemlights
  • 10 year battery shelf life  


  • Patented 360 degree rotational switch
  • Waterproof design
  • Versatile modular design
  • Tough polycarbonate housing
  • Made in USA


  • Emulate chemical lights / glow sticks
  • Operates as a wide angle flash light
  • Create a focused spot
  • Separate into independent lights sources
  • Marking / Landing Zones
  • Area Lighting

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